Milk Skin
a dedicated facial, neck and low neckline area cream

Guaranteed removal of pigmentation

The complex of bleaching components with no analogues
More effective than expensive salon procedures
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Ideal smooth skin without imperfections NOW IT'S REALITY!

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Freckles Age
during pregnancy
Traces after



Age spots


Pigmentation during pregnancy


Traces after rashes

We all dream of
beautiful and healthy
skin, but have to suffer from...
Tired of worrying about the beauty of your face?
so that freckles no longer confuse you
redness from inflammation does not turn into unpleasant spots on the face
pigmentation does not reveal your age to others
Regularly apply the whitening cream "Milk Skin"

Unfortunately, many people try to solve this problem INCORRECTLY:

Excessive passion
for solariums
Unsuccessful use
of tonal remedies
Dangerous salon
Removal of

Milk Skin - a revolution in cosmetology

This unique cream, based on natural oils extracted from grape seeds and American plum, is developed by leading cosmetologists for skin care with facial, neck or low neckline area pigmentation.

The dedicated facial, neck and low neckline area cream:

  • 1ensures moisturizing, nourishing, and recovery of elastinic and collagenic fibers elasticity
  • 2 prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and the skin cells hormonal dysfunction
  • 3 guards your skin against damage when the skin is exposed to UV-radiation and photoaging
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Spot the cream with your finger pads onto your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, neck, and low neckline area
Use gentle massage movements to distribute it over the skin

May be used as the day-time cream (recommended),
as the night-cream,
as the make-up foundation

The minimum
duration of the
course is 4 weeks

Spot the cream with your finger pads
Use gentle massage movements to distribute it over the skin

Use at least 3 times a week


The minimum duration of the course is 4 weeks

The MILK SKIN complex

The latest development
in skin whitening

molecPatented molecule, obtained due to modern "molecular design" method by combining Cetyl alcohol with Caoric Triglyciride.

Cosmetologists have recognized this combination of substances as a "revolution" in the fight against skin imperfections, which has an effect on the skin whitening, care and protection
Noticeable changes in the first month already!
Before application
Week 2
Week 4
Alicia Baker,


Not so long ago, the problem of impaired skin pigmentation could be solved only with the help of potentially dangerous substances. However, modern cosmetology has made a breakthrough in this area by developing a special whitening cream "Milk Skin".

The unique combination of its active ingredients not only gradually reduces the already formed spots. Its most important advantage is that it prevents the emergence of new ones, normalizing the production of melanin in the skin cells. This means that the problem of hyperpigmentation will be solved forever for you.

This cream has no contraindications and is recommended for all skin types at any age.

Real results with Milk Skin

  • Sarah Price, 46 years old, Radin Mas

    Thank You #MilkSkin! I forgot about tons of foundation in the morning and the constant dependence on powder during the day. Light moisturizing cream - this is my cosmetic maximum, and I am incredibly happy about this! Great time and cost saving. Girls, I recommend!

  • Cheryl Powell , 34 years old, Paya Lebar

    After pregnancy terrible dark spots remained on the face. I ineffectively tried to get rid of them with both folk recipes, and the help of chemical peeling. I ordered a whitening cream MilkSkin. In three weeks of use, the spots have almost completely disappeared, still can't believe my happiness!

  • Grace Martin, 26 years old, Cashew

    Girls, I've found a worthy analogue of expensive cosmetic procedures that can be used in the comfort of your home - it's called MilkSkin. I regularly apply the cream both in the morning and in the evening. Redness disappeared, freckles brightened. The skin became smooth and glows with health! Try it, you will not regret ;)

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